Why chose us?

We Cover All Aspects of Eve


Numerous PvP Opportunities including Small, Medium, Large and Coalition Sized Engagements.

Moon Mining

Daily Boosted Moon Mining Fleets consisting of all rarities of Moon Ore.


Systems of all security levels capable of catering to Subcap, Capital and Supercapital Ratting.


Structures to cater to the most advanced Industrialist. Build anything from Shuttles to Titans and many markets to sell your creations.

Requirements for Applicants

Rage Confederacy has very reasonable requirements for admittance. Applications may be denied at the discretion of the Recruiter. If you have any questions, please speak with a Recruiter.

- Full ESI submission of your Main Character as well as any Alts
- In-Chat or Discord Interview
- Registration on Alliance Services
- Following Alliance Rules and Regulations

Applications will not be accepted if they are submitted through the Corporation Finder. We only invite directly after a full ESI has been submitted, checked and an Interview has been conducted and completed. We will never charge isk in exchange for a Corporation invite. If you fall for this scam, Rage Confederacy is not responsible for paying you back.